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It’s about Island Time!

Welcome to the Island, where the chairs that we make are one-of a-kind. Island Time Adirondack chairs are unique, top quality and hand crafted, no doubt, the best and most comfortable Adirondack chairs you will ever find, and here is why:

Each product is 100% handmade. We do not use any computerized methods in building chairs. All our designs are our own, proprietary and unique designs providing you the most comfortable chairs you will ever find, at least that is what our customers tell us!

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Customized, Personalized and Tropicalized

We optionally offer custom-sized chairs, that “fit you just right” based on your size/ height. The three size options are:

  • Short Seat for a person shorter than 5’5” or so
  • Regular Seat for average height 5’6”– 5’11”
  • Deep Seat for a person 5’11” or taller, or so ($25 extra)


In order to accommodate each customers’ unique needs and style, we offer eight unique chair back designs to choose from. The Signature back design is the original and most popular back design offered. If you’re looking for something different or more unique, please choose from Signature®, Wave®, Shell®, Coastal®, Pier®, Tides®, Breeze®, and Swell®.

  • Extra Wide Seat for those who need a little extra width ($25 extra)
  • Extra Tall Back for those who need more height in the back of the chair ($25 extra)

 And finally, you get to choose your favorite colors and/or color combinations: solid color, two-tone, or multicolored chairs.

Island Time Recycled Material Poly wood Colors

Outdoor Furniture Made of Recycled Material

All products are made of long-lasting, maintenance-free, recycled material, Polywood, or High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). Unlike most manufacturers, we use extra thick (5/4” or thicker) material in our chairs. This makes our chairs stronger and sturdier than your average manufactured chair. All hardware used is stainless steel.

All Island Time Adirondack Collection chairs come with a cup holder! You can also add accessories, such as umbrella hole/holder, Cell phone holder, bottle opener or fishing rod holder.

Finally, each chair comes with a little Captain on it! The parrot logo (Captain’s Logo®) ensures that each chair that leaves our workshop has been personally quality checked to meet our standards and promise:

“the highest quality and the most comfortable Adirondack chair that you will ever find.”

Please enjoy your “tour” of the Island. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a phone call or fill out the form on the Contact page. We would be glad to respond to any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.

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